Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Role of Assistant Registrar

Assistant Registrar

General Accountability
The Assistant Registrar is directly accountable to the Registrar for the implementation and supervision of University and Faculty academic policies and procedures as these relate to applicants and students. In addition, the Assistant Registrar contributes to the general operation of the Office as a senior management team member.
Nature and Scope
The Registrar’s Office provides academic support services for a number of functions on behalf of the University. These include student recruitment, publications, undergraduate admissions, student course enrolment, academic records, examinations, grade reporting, transcript production, course and examination scheduling, student financial assistance programs and scholarships.
Normally, the Assistant Registrar manages the major registrarial services for two Faculties. Additional duties will reflect departmental and Faculty needs and may vary with the particular assignment. A major area of contact is with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs for the Faculties, undergraduate academic advisors, and department and college undergraduate officers.
This position is one of eight positions reporting directly to the Registrar. The Associate Registrar, Records, The Director of Admissions, the Director, Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment, The Director, Student Awards and Financial Aid, two other Faculty Assistant Registrars, and an Executive Assistant report directly to the Registrar.
Depending upon support requirements for the assigned Faculty(ies), the Assistant Registrar may be responsible for supervision of 2-7 staff members, including Supervisors, Admissions and Records and Admissions Records Assistants.
Statistical Data
Specific Accountabilities
The main responsibilities of the Assistant Registrar are in the area of admissions and records administration.
The prime function in admissions is to ensure the formulation, implementation and review of admissions policies as these relate to the assigned Faculty(ies). The policy formulation process entails close co-operation and consultation with the Associate Deans, Admissions Committees, Undergraduate Affairs Committees and with the Director of Admissions. The Assistant Registrar is responsible for interpreting these policies to faculty and staff within the University and the Colleges, and for ensuring that staff in the sections provide correct and complete information to members of the public, prospective applicants, representatives of secondary schools and other institutions. With regard to implementation, the Assistant Registrar is responsible for the planning, analysis, scheduling and direction of admissions activities to ensure that Faculty and University goals are achieved.
The Assistant Registrar is expected to contribute to the development, implementation and review of decision support and management support systems designed for his/her area. This includes input to the evaluation process for various applicant groups, preparation and analysis of statistical data for admissions committees. The Assistant Registrar may be responsible in some cases for preparation of admissions information packages for applicant groups in consultation with Faculty and University officers, and for accuracy of related calendar and promotional publications. Depending on the assigned Faculty, the Assistant Registrar may be empowered to make individual admissions decisions within policy guidelines.
The prime function of the Assistant Registrar in records-related matters is to ensure the proper collection, maintenance and communication of student academic record and performance data. This entails ensuring that Faculty Committee decisions on student academic standings are made consistently and reflected accurately in official documents. The Assistant Registrar is expected to ensure that Faculty policies are interpreted correctly and precisely in the design and implementation of progression and academic advisement systems. This process involves extensive consultation with Faculty officers, the SISP functional lead for progression and advisement and with management and technical staff in Information Systems and Technology.
The Assistant Registrar provides detailed input to the design, testing and implementation of a wide range of systems supporting functions from class enrolment to convocation. These are designed to assure the accuracy of basic data for the production of study lists, fee assessments, transcripts and graduation diplomas. Student records are the basis for much institutional planning data for University management as well as for external use, including University operating grant claims.
In the conduct of the foregoing duties and responsibilities the Assistant Registrar provides a counselling function for applicants, students or parents. This role is supplementary or complementary to that provided by Faculty and Departmental officers in assisting students with the complexities of the academic process. The Assistant Registrar is the Registrar’s delegate on Faculty Admissions, Standings & Promotions, Undergraduate Affairs Committees and Faculty Councils for the assigned Faculty(ies). In some cases, the incumbent will chair a standing committee.
The Assistant Registrar is responsible for recruiting, developing and evaluating staff who report directly.
The Assistant Registrar assists the Registrar with the overall management of the Registrar’s Office including convocation and examinations and such general and specific duties as may from time to time be determined.


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